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Internal and External Data

Operational system use within a business is extensive and varied, with each system responding to its own requirements and specializing in a particular field. Companies today tend rely on different systems for each particular business need they have. Common business practices that rely upon specialized systems include: Customer Relationship Management (Sales Force), Customer Service and Support (Zendesk), Billing (Zuora) etc. Aside from internal company data, there is a lot of external data that exists outside of the company that can be valuable if used correctly. This data includes social network data, weather, public events, demographics, and more, all of which can be used to help shape the next product launch or marketing campaign.

Internal Data


Interpreting data from operating systems is not straightforward, it requires familiarity with the systems and with how to connect them. To add to the complexity, the stored data is not always readable or easy to retrieve and the systems work independently from each other.

After successful data extraction, it’s important make sure everything is in sync since data is flowing in from multiple sources (including external sources). Most of these external systems are cloud based and have their own unique APIs. Integrating these external systems and their data with internal company data while displaying everything in one uniform and insightful way is not easy.

WHY US ? has vast experience with integrating operational systems. We are familiar with over 40 APIs and when we encounter new systems we are quick to adjust. To help ensure quick and reliable data integration we have developed a product called Rivery that gathers useful external data and even loads it into cloud databases. Leverage our experience to save valuable time in trying to understanding a specific API, integration development, or data processing.

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Internal Data
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