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Beginners Course

dbt Core Concepts and
Workshop for beginners

for data engineers

Course Duration

2 Day Course

Designed for

Data Analysts & Data Engineers

Class Size

Tailor-made groups, also available for individuals


senior professionals from

Is it for me?

dbt enables data engineers and data analysts to transform data using simple (and sometimes not so simple) SQL statements. If you’re proficient with SQL, dbt can help you streamline and organize your ELT pipelines by removing layers of code.

Who is teaching the course?

The course is taught by senior professionals from, a boutique data and analytics consultancy that combines technical and business expertise to deliver data solutions that help businesses grow.

How do I register?

Courses are held for groups, and they can be done in person or online. Register your interest here and we will get back to you with information on the next available dates.

What will I learn?

dbt overview and example project

dbt principles, graphical UI, basic flow and

Models, sources and seeds

Packages and tests

How to use generic tests and leverage packages.

dbt documentation

Documenting your project using doc blocks and MD files.


Table, view and incremental load scenarios.


The project file, property file and config block.

dbt macros and intro to jinja

dbt cloud

dbt cloud overview, added value and advantages.

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