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Beginners Course

Snowflake Essentials.
A hands-on lab

to kickstart your Snowflake journey

Course Duration

2 Day Course

Designed for

Data Analysts & Data Engineers

Class Size

Tailor-made groups, also available for individuals


senior professionals from

Is it for me?

If you are a taking your first steps using Snowflake, this introductory hands-on lab will set you in motion.
You will familiarize yourself with Snowflake architecture and fundamental concepts and learn some useful best practices.

Who is teaching the course?

The course is taught by senior professionals from, a boutique data and analytics consultancy that combines technical and business expertise to deliver data solutions that help businesses grow.

How do I register?

Courses are held for groups, and they can be done in person or online. Register your interest here and we will get back to you with information on the next available dates.

What will I learn?

Kickoff and architecture review

General overview, resources, docs and community, Snowflake architecture.

Getting support from Snowflake

Snowflake community and logging a support case.

Loading data into Snowflake

The data loading process and optimization practices.

Role based access control (RBAC)

Introducing Snowflake’s RBAC model.

Data Sharing

Data sharing capabilities and functionality.

A deep dive into the compute layer

A deep dive into the Snowflake’s storage layer

Using the query profiler

A walkthrough Snowflake’s query profiler, how to interact with it and interpret its metrics.

Cost control and optimization using

Financial Analyst

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