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We are passionate data engineers and software developers who change the way organizations treat data. Since 2008 we have been delivering numerous high-standard and large-scale analytics’ projects for more than 200 customers, startups and enterprises alike.


Apart from delivering agile and tailor-made solutions for our customers, we have decided it’s not enough and several years ago became a software house too, developing platforms in the fields of data quality (quilliup) and cloud data integration (Rivery). This in itself helped us to provide even better projects, as we combine our professional services’ skills with R&D methodologies, UI&UX expertise and advanced programming.     

Need we say more? Okay then. We have been listening to our customers’ needs and even decided to establish a data science unit, delivering innovative projects through advanced models and programming languages.  


We are going place, join us.

Dganit Lebedev


Our mission is to enable companies to treat data like “GOLD” and to provide comprehensive and advanced data services. We serve as an acceleration factor for companies by helping them leverage their data to make informed, data driven decisions and create better products that deliver greater value to their customers.

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llan Zaitoun

llan Zaitoun

Co- Founder & CTO

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sigal lavid

Sigal Lavid

Co- Founder & CEO

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Dganit Lebedev

VP Delivery

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Yaara Bronheim

Yaara Bronheim


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