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Join our growing team, is at the forefront of data innovation. As the leading data consulting business in Israel, we work with the biggest enterprise companies, brands, as well as the country’s fastest-growing tech startups. Our customers’ success is our success, with our teams of data engineers, BI analysts, and visualization experts helping clients solve their toughest data challenges. From large financial institutions to CPG companies, the need to get value through data has never been greater across virtually every business vertical. If you are passionate about business data and analytics and motivated by delivering business impact with top-tier clients, we’d love to hear from you.

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Thinking of joining here’s what to expect:


We love what we do and we take pride at being good at it – we’ve been in this business long enough to see clients and technologies come and go, and over the years we are constantly refining and solidifying our practices and toolbox. This means you’ll have a chance to work alongside and learn from leading engineers in this industry with plenty of hands-on experience. Who knows, one day you might even become one.


We move at warp speed – our team and the solutions we build aim to accelerate and boost the way our clients leverage their data. We want to create a big impact in a relatively short time, usually 2-3 months. This means that you’ll have the chance to experience and learn a variety of business domains and technologies in a short timeframe, but it also means you have to learn fast and deliver value quickly.


We keep up with technology – we only partner and go to market with the latest tech stack which has proven to deliver, for example: most of our projects these days are done using cloud technologies, preferably SaaS, like Snowflake, Rivery, and Tableau.


We engage as a team – our projects are delivered by a team of experts, led by a Data Solution Manager (or Technical PM). As a team member, you’ll be expected to play an active role in contributing to the success of the project. Equally important, we expect our team members to grow individually as well as share knowledge and make their colleagues better along the way.


We believe in well-rounded experts – our experts don’t do just backend work, or frontend or QA. We believe that in order to be a data expert you have to be exposed and take part in the entire project lifecycle, from inception to go-live, you will have the chance to take an active part in every aspect of the project including interacting with clients and end-users of the platform.


Big Data Small Team  – by keeping a relatively small team, we are able to maintain a high quality of delivery and offer premium services to our clients. This also means that you’ll have the chance to advance and grow your career and within the team faster than in other places.


We are mensches – we believe in honesty, transparency, and treating everyone – employees, customers, and partners with kindness and respect. Our employees are staying with us for 5+ years on average  (and some much longer than this) so we are probably doing something right 


Open Positions

Tableau Lead | Full Time | Tel Aviv

Account Executive | Temporary Position | Tel Aviv

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