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The quilliup platform is designed to help companies run ongoing tests across all their data sources, giving data teams the peace of mind they need – knowing their business data is always accurate and ready for insights.



quilliup data testing enables companies to generate tailored tests which can be designed to automatically run across multiple data sets within any environment – making it easy to maintain a smooth data operation.

data validation quiliup


quilliup gives data teams the tools to create and automate ongoing tests to compare and validate data, which are crucial during the ETL and data migration processes.

When quilliup detects a data issue or discrepancy, you’ll get notified – making it easy to find and address issues right away. In addition, our issue management console gives a comprehensive view across all data issues, assign ownership, and manage their status and priority level to ensure they are resolved on time.

data completion quiliup

Improve governance across all your data sources

Optimal Data Quality quiliup

Optimal Data Quality

Ensure all your business data is accurate, as soon as it’s uploaded to your database or dashboards, and every time is updated. the insights you see and share are always accurate and verified.

Stay in Control quiliup

Stay in Control

By automating your data testing processes, you’ll be alerted of any discrepancies, giving your team the opportunity to fix any problems before the data is used.

Better Business Insights quiliup

Better Business Insights

Share business insights with confidence and avoid costly or embarrassing mistakes resulting from bad data.

Used by leading data-driven companies

Use Your Business Data With Confidence

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