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Rivery is an intuitive data pipeline tool to consolidate all your data from both internal and external sources into a single data integration platform in the cloud. This will help your team automate any ETL process, whether you need ETL to Redshift, BigQuery, Azure, or Snowflake.


All Your Data Under One Roof

Rivery is a code-free flexible platform that allows business intelligence and data teams to focus on insights and actions, while we maintain your data pipelines. Whether you’re looking for big data ingestion, integration, or data automation tools, Rivery enables teams to aggregate, transform and manage their data systems in the cloud.

Used by leading data-driven companies

Making Your Data Work For You

Simplicity Rivery


Our out-the-box, coding-free, solution simplifies the process of aggregating and managing your data so you can focus on the insights that matter.

Path Rivery

Any source, Any Size

Rivery enables you to consolidate all your data sources under one roof, whether they are internal or from third party platforms. Rivery’s auto scalable platform is capable of Managing any number of data sources and data volumes.

Group Rivery


The data integration software is a fully managed out of the box solution, abolishing the high costs associated with building and maintaining a data pipeline.


Share In Seconds

Consolidating your data sources used to take weeks or even months. Rivery lets you add, update and aggregate data sources to your pipeline in minutes.

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