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Advanced Course

Tableau Workshop for Creators

for data Analyst

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Course Duration

4 Day Course

Designed for

Data Analysts

Class Size

Tailor-made groups, also available for individuals.


Senior data experts from

Is it for me?

This course caters to both intermediate Tableau users and data professionals seeking to elevate their data storytelling. Whether you're an analyst or simply want to create impactful data visualizations, this program equips you with the tools to transform raw data into clear insights and share them effectively with your audience.

Who is teaching the course?

The course is taught by senior professionals from, a boutique data and analytics consultancy that combines technical and business expertise to deliver data solutions that help businesses grow.

How do I register?

Courses are held for groups, and they can be done in person or online. Register your interest here and we will get back to you with information on the next available dates.

What will I learn?

Advanced Data Handling

Delve into advanced data handling, connecting and manipulating data from multiple sources using joins, unions, and blends. Explore granularity, data structure, types, Tableau Desktop sources, blending, aggregation functions, filters, formatting, analytics, sorting and calculations.

Tableau Desktop

In Tableau Desktop, explore sheet types, dimensions/measures pane, field properties, and features like columns/ rows, filters, marks, and "Show Me" options.

Crafting Advanced Visualizations

advanced data visualization techniques like maps, heat maps, treemaps, and more. Delve into mapping hierarchies, treemap
formatting, cross stabbing, KPIs, line chart comparisons, table calculation editing, design refinements, and additional visualizations like doughnut charts, lollipops, and Pareto charts.

Advanced Analytics & Insights

Explore advanced analytics and calculations, utilizing features like reference and trend lines to uncover insights. Dive into calculated fields, grouping, table calculations, dual axes, parameters, and top analysis for comprehensive insights.

Tableau Online/Server Features

Explore Tableau Online/ Server features like data download, viewing, editing, commenting, subscribing, and setting alerts. Utilize Ask Data for querying and learn about publishing options for both data sources and workbooks.

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