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Reports & Dashboards

Following the development of a data lake or warehouse through data collection, the stored data needs to be put to good use through effective front end development. This important stage is where user interface is built. Whether you’re developing an interface for users within the company and using a shelf tool like Tableau or establishing your own dashboards, it is the point where your work meets your end users.

Reports & Dashboards


There are a lot of variables included in the process of correctly implementing front end development tools. Choosing the most suitable tool includes matching the data volumes and the technology in which the data is stored, adapting to the user’s needs, an innovative and interesting design, as well as coherence to and understanding of the boundaries of the tool’s layout. There also needs to be an understanding of what is possible to create and what is not. Improper use of front end development tools is a major cause of failure. Front end development is a demanding profession which requires deep, comprehensive thought.

tech Reports


The best way to push the boundaries of design and bring a quality product to users is to allow the designer to design the reports. That’s how we work, combining tech savvy people with designers to bridge the gaps that already exist at the design state.

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