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Data Warehouse

Data warehousing technologies have advanced dramatically in recent years. These offerings have shifted from basic data integration and processing systems to advanced analytical systems of processed data that deliver deep company insights. Much of the processing takes place in the Data Lake and the data warehouse becomes an “information consumer” like many other applications that use the Data Lake. However, the importance of the data warehouse is not lost or diminished, it is still where business specific processes and modeling occurs. It is positioned as the company’s informational center and “single source of truth”.

Data Warehouse


As one of the leading companies in the field of data warehouse construction over the last decade we have addressed many of the challenges associated with these processes.

The technological challenges in dynamic information processing as well as intelligent data modeling can be addressed in a way that provides answers to a wide range of business questions. However, like many situations in BI, the biggest challenge is proper alignment of business needs to the appropriate technological solution. Solving for each unique business challenge is a simple task, but implementing a comprehensive solution while communicating successfully between the teams that have worked to establish a successful data warehouse is a more significant challenge


We have conducted over 150 different data warehousing, self-service system, OEM system and data lake projects for various information platforms. We bring rich technological experience and experts who understand how to translate a business’ needs into the appropriate technological systems.

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Data Warehouse
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