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Finance Reconciliation

Get control over your billing, transactions, and payments



When revenue recognition relies on one source and payout relies on another, financial departments are forced to invest a lot of effort in making sure all their data matches. For example, B2C companies that process millions of transactions per month need several financial controllers to constantly monitor company financial data. The challenge becomes even greater when dealing with different types of currencies, transactions, and payment platforms.

Finance Reconciliation Dashboard

The key to finance reconciliation is consistency and accuracy when handling financial data. To address this, we have developed a solution that not only helps process your financial data but also lets you see it in a way that allows you to quickly identify any mismatches or discrepancies that have occurred.

The Finance Reconciliation dashboard presents reconciled and unreconciled amounts clearly and in great detail when comparing bank statements, payment service transactions, and billing system transactions. The dashboard allows users to drill into the specifics of each component they’re viewing, making it easy to identify outstanding problems and to develop a strategy to fix them.

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Finance Reconciliation Dashboard
Finance Recociliation


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