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Budget Control

Simplify your budget control process



For pharmaceutical companies, large projects that are spread over a few years come with enormous budgets, especially in the case of R&D Clinical Trials.


The budgets associated with clinical trial projects are difficult to track since they include expenses from numerous sources and require a multi-level management system. It is critical to have effective cost analysis and forecast planning to ensure the lasting success of your clinical trials. This is not just limited to clinical trial projects, any large budget needs proper management.

Budget Control

Budget Control Dashboard

Our solution provides useful information to managers about the financial position, performance, and changes in a project’s budget. The dashboard for clinical trial projects consolidates and then presents financial data by using an all-in-one format for measurement and analysis. The dashboard monitors performance statistics by utilizing different KPIs, like an Actual vs. Budget vs. Annual operation plan, the performance of various therapeutic areas and functions or expense type of analysis.


Our budget control dashboards are adaptable. While they excel at handling clinical trial budgeting, they can also be designed to accommodate any kind of large project budget.

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